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GSoC work report - 24th June

Since my last update, I have
(1) Fixed the parent printing issue when logging keys - Gerrit #55675
(2) Made an interpreter for log statements - Gerrit #56120
(3) Changed some log statements - Gerrit #56305

GSoC work report - Week 4

This week involved completing the UI wrapper classes for combo-box and tab-control. The code can be found here.

I have proposed two ways for logging actions for the main LibreOffice writer window. The first one is by writing separate logger for the LibreOffice writer analogous to the VCL logger. The patch is here. The second is by simply sending log statements when the functions for "Go to Page" or "Zoom" are called. The patch is here. Of course, we will push only one of these two patches to master after the code review.

GSoC work report - Week 3

This week started with extending the UI logging infrastructure for logging list-box related events. The events ListboxSelect and ListboxFocus will now be recorded in the log file. Here's the patch.

Next, I started to develop logging framework for LibreOffice's writer. The idea is to enumerate the events we need for logging and then have a logger similar to what we have for VCL events. The code can be found here. The patch is under review.

The patch sent in the last week has received a positive review and is ready to be merged.