GSoC 18 work report - 23rd May

The coding period of GSoC started 10 days ago. I'm working with LibreOffice's UI logger. The aim of first two weeks is to support logging for UNO commands, dialogs, radiobuttons, checkboxes, and buttons.
To get a summary of what has been done so far, let's perform a couple of steps and look at the generated log file.

1) Click on "Writer Document" button
2) Go to Format -> Character to open the Character Properties Dialog.
3) Check the radiobutton 90 degrees and check the checkbox "Fit to line".
4) Click ok
5) Type "hi" in the main wrier_edit window


The generated log file contains the following -
  1. ButtonUIObject Action:CLICK Id:writer_all Parent:
  2. CommandSent
  3. ModalDialogExecuted Id:CharacterPropertiesDialog
  4. RadioButtonUIObject Action:CLICK Id:90deg Parent:CharacterPropertiesDialog
  5. Action on element: 90deg with action : CLICK
  6. CheckBoxUIObject Action:CLICK Id:fittoline Parent:CharacterPropertiesDialog
  7. Action on element: fittoline with action : CLICK
  8. ButtonUIObject Action:CLICK Id:ok Parent:CharacterPropertiesDialog
  9. DialogClosed
  10. SwEditWinUIObject Action:TYPE Id:writer_edit Parent:UNKNOWN {"TEXT": "h"}
  11. SwEditWinUIObject Action:TYPE Id:writer_edit Parent:UNKNOWN {"TEXT": "i"}

As evident, the log file logs about-
1) Opening and closing of dialogs
2) UNO commands
3) Radiobuttion, checkbox and button click
4) Keys pressed

I'm stuck with printing the top parent of a generic UI element (so that the Parent:UNKOWN in the log file in lines 10 and 11 start giving some useful information)

The code of my work can be found here:

Suggestions for what I have done so far, or what I should be working on next are welcome!


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